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When Lists and Personal Care Collide

Making to-do lists again was my goal. It seemed simple enough, yet moments later, I asked myself:

Were basic tasks “worth” writing down?

I felt less than but knew myself well enough to know nothing was off-limits. The more I crossed each thing off my list, a surge of relief and confidence emerged.

Oh, how I missed that feeling.

The first day went perfectly, not one task left unchecked. I was beyond dedicated as anticipation revved my pounding heart. After a couple of days, I noticed I was slipping, and after about a week, I was barely getting by.

The truth is, an unbrushed top-knot became my norm.

The truth is, I haven’t been doing my daily stretches per my doctor.

The truth is, I was excited by my newfound love for dry brushing, meditating, and rediscovery of oil pulling.

The truth is, I wanted to work out consistently.

Those were all a part of my “why.”

There's only one thing I’ve done without fail for the last month: taking my supplements. All four to five of them, and you bet I added those to my “to-do list.”

But why?

Aside from forgetfulness, adding things that boost confidence is critical! Every minor thing matters and is absolutely part of our day.

For those who love taking baths?

Please write it down!

Need to catch up on reflection or meditation?

Please write it down.

Still haven’t cracked open that new book?

Please write it down!

It suddenly becomes real, and we are 40% more likely to do something if it’s written down.

It also brings joy! Something to look forward to, and is just as important!

Every day I was taking time for my soul somehow, even if it wasn’t all at once as planned.

After all, it can be a lot of work, but it’s always worth it and extra crucial for everything else to function optimally.

Relationships, health, work, and play are all affected.

When our minds are at ease, our bodies will eventually follow suit.

After my detox a few weeks ago, I noticed I’ve been able to get around more. My muscles were still sore a few days after, but this past week I was able to clean, work out, and although I didn’t lose weight nor any bloat, I know it helped in other ways. I feel a new sense of calmness I'm not sure if I've ever felt on my own.

Although, that could be the vitamin D and magnesium talking!

See, we are always in progress, even if we don’t do every single thing each day. It's a step in the right direction.

Trying is the next best thing, even when we come to terms that every day will have its up and down moments.

Let’s give ourselves grace as we dig ourselves out of a rut.

Let’s give ourselves credit for all the significant new changes that will become easier with time.

Let a to-do list be the highlighted centerpiece, and trust that everything will fall into place.

Write down the wants, needs, chores, errands, and the soul-care extras. Prioritize in order!

Remember, nothing is too essential or small to account for.

Let's give ourselves some extra love today! After all, kindness is a necessity, not just the cherry on top!


Kimberly Ann


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