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Welcoming the Treasures

Welcoming the treasures can be such a therapeutic and rewarding task, especially during chaotic moments.

When triggers test our faith and patience, it can be so easy to fall apart or lash out.

It can be easy to dismiss the treasures that may be inevitably waiting for us on the horizon, even when our vision is lost.

It can come from our broken experiences. It can simply be in our genes; nature and nurture. It can come from significant life events or everything happening all at once.

Despite what we may think, we can change the trajectory of our week, month, and even lives. We can always choose to see the good. I’ve had a ton of stress-induced anxiety over the last 48 hours, a once familiar feeling I thought I overcame. I’ve been somewhat calm over the last year because my health and livelihood were at stake, and enough was enough. But emotional beasts are never-ending; no one is immune, and how we choose to handle things can alter the outcome. This can affect the decisions we make and can either hurt or help people around us. This can affect opportunities, where we live, and so forth. We can redefine our path.

What a time to get married...

What a time to buy a house...

On the other hand:

What a season to be alive...

What a time for healing...

Yesterday I woke up with a flutter in my stomach. I was in my head in a negative state and didn’t know how to get out. So I read. The particular chapter was the perfect dose of therapy I needed. At that exact moment, I felt free, just like that.

I felt peace; I felt instant comfort. It felt like an answered prayer. Now, this may not always happen magically. It may not help everyone.

Different things work at other times. But in the middle of it all, I took a step back. I realized my triggers, which led me to be proactive in changing and refocusing.

Our triggers can lead to finding soul-giving treasures.

What works for me? How can I de-stress practically right now? How can I feel more joy? How can I make things better? No matter the trigger, we can always choose joy and take the following rational, best step. For those patiently waiting, gold treasures are waiting beneath the sand.

Prepare for them; welcome them. Love,

Kimberly Ann


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