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Preparing Your Heart for Greatness

Having hopes and dreams are like seeds waiting to be planted, and setting a goal is digging the dirt getting ready to execute.

We always prepare for goodness to enter our lives but rarely expect a good outcome.

We fear rejection. We fear failure. We worry about all the things that could go wrong—wired to protect our souls from harm.

Whether it’s a voice in our heads spiraling with negativity or a pattern of unfortunate events, many of us doubt.

Leading with doubt is normal, but we can also show up with hope and excitement.

Goodness can seem rare, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and we never know what's around the corner.

We can embrace all the good, the small, and the mighty.

There’s always goodness around us, even when our sight is hazy.

Let’s wash away all that doesn’t serve and soak in what matters most.

How to Prepare For Greatness:

Ignite the spark

Think of all the ways joy can enter and elevate your life. Close your eyes and envision a day filled with adventure and anticipation.

Know your worth

Realizing strengths and weaknesses are key, but so is digging deeper. Think of accomplishments you want to conquer. Think of who to help and how to make an impact. We all are uniquely made and have many gifts to offer. If you haven’t found “your thing“ quite yet, keep searching.

Have a heart-to-heart with yourself, seek help, place boundaries, and create the next best steps. You are worth more than your pain, more than your past, and more than you realize.

Go for the gold

With anything in life, we have to put ourselves out there. With passion, we can make the hard things attainable. When crossing the finish line, prepare for good news. Prepare for all the goodness that comes next. Prepare for the things that are so deserving.

Release expectations, minimize pressure and go with the flow with an open heart.


Kimberly Ann


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