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Little Known Ways To Find Love

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

As Valentine’s Day nears, we may roll our eyes out of pure annoyance, or we may feel giddy with excitement for days on end. Either way, we are entitled to our feelings. Either way, I get it.

To some, the heaviness may feel lighter once the calendar flips to February. Our world may feel sweeter. A reminder to appreciate one another. A time where our carefully crafted words have profound meaning. Every little gentle touch matters. A subtle shine briefly overtakes the winter's gloom.

For some, it can be devastating—another day to reopen old wounds and a pain that may never go away. Some may not care either way.

Is it just another day?

I remember the flowing tears for years. A frozen ache I couldn’t shake—electricity sparking my naive veins while clinging on to hope. The longing to feel wanted behind intense jealousy and insecurity. The disastrous game of comparison. Ah, I remember it all too well.

I lost my sense of identity in the sea of chaos.

“Finding love” was my top priority. Between the land of confusion mixed with anticipation, nothing seemed to stick.

So I grew older and wiser, realizing we all walk different paths. Our stories all vary, which may or may not unfold in a timely fashion. At best, our chapters are patiently handwritten with love piece by piece before transforming into one heck of a masterpiece. The dream for a happy ending, or at least what we think will make us feel whole.

I stopped the longing in my heart as I secured my tiny circle. Friendships filled my soul like never before, and with newfound self-love, I opened a new door.

Years later, I prayed for my soulmate to appear once and for all. This time I was open and ready for true companionship to share my life with, not because I needed it to breathe.

Months later, there he was, standing before me. Nervously shaking, feeling all the good vibes, and taking in all the signs, there he was. The moment he spoke, something came over me. I felt protected and calm, a friendly voice I could trust. A guided whisper of hope consumed over and over.

I remember feeling completely myself every moment that followed. A once drowning in my sorrows type of woman could finally stay afloat with ease. Secure and filled with excitement, I knew I was home.

While real love is not a fairytale, it’s pretty darn amazing.

Never give up. Happiness looks different on everyone. We are all uniquely created.

Seek comfort in knowing we have different missions to fulfill.

While the “timeline” we envision for ourselves may not perfectly match our current reality, it’s not the worst scenario in the world. It’s never too late.

Regardless of our circumstances, let today be a day filled with self-love. Let’s love ourselves enough to keep finding ourselves—day by day, year after year.

Are you tired of being single?

Remember that love comes in all forms. Accept love from friendships, family, and even pets.

Please don't deny the love that can and should still exist, whether we have a romantic partner or not.

So for those who are so eager to turn the page, soak in every twist and turn moment this life has to offer.

Love hard because life is too short.

Yes, while we should celebrate ”love day” every day of the year, who wouldn’t want ONE day out of the year as a friendly reminder? If anything, in my opinion, we need more excuses to celebrate life and love.

As someone who has always loved this time of year, don’t ever let negativity dim the light within.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

Enjoy, friends!


Kimberly Ann


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