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Let Gratefulness Win

I was once a victim. Exhausted, confused, and couldn’t connect the dots.

It was one disaster after another, living in a lonely world with an empty heart. I was drowning with insecurity and anxiety. Over the years, I prayed and prayed, but nothing ever changed. Everything kept getting worse.

What else could go wrong?

Life was happening to me, and looking back, that was part of the problem. I wanted to be an average, happy person with virtually zero issues. I tried to take away every ounce of pain. I begged for everything to be handed to me on a silver platter as if it was a well-deserved badge of honor after every mountain I had to climb.

As much as I knew how unfair life was, I couldn’t help my naive feelings.

My heart was heavy.

I wanted to feel free.

I had enough.

Despite my longing to catch a break, I never once doubted my hope for a brighter future, even if that was the only thing that kept me going. At times I wanted nothing more than to vanish to a land where I wasn’t hurt or questioned, a loving place filled with acceptance. The ache became too much to take.

A pulsating surge of anxiety became my daily fuel source.

Adrenaline is a crazy drug. Year after year, like a running joke on repeat, my life’s theme was clear. Everything must happen for a reason. It was getting a little ridiculous.

How much more could one person take?

At a breaking point, I cried and pleaded for the tides to shift.

Even though I felt ignored by God, I was grateful to be alive.

I always had a feeling things would change, but I didn’t know when. I was preparing to be amazed at any time. Yes, I was saved after getting hit by a car, and after life-threatening allergies landed me in the ER twice, a car accident, and much more...

Little by little, these "crazy experiences" were stepping stones that took gratefulness to a whole new level. As time healed particular wounds with maturity, I suddenly faced new rock bottom lows, and I couldn’t keep up the race. It suddenly hit me, and a rude awakening came over.

Life wasn’t magically going to get better all in one day.

Prayer is enormous, but no amount of prayer can give one person every desired wish. Being thankful for what we do have is critical. I realized every day is a present, regardless of every dart thrown our way. There will always be pain and suffering, and there will always be incredible beauty.

Perception is everything. It’s a balancing orchestrated act; that’s the gift of humanity. Real strength comes with time. Valuable lessons and mistakes come together in a full circle. Blessings do come after the storm, but we can’t expect God to fix all.

Setting the tone can be a saving grace.

Patience allows us to go with the flow and surrender. It’s a gift that can deepen and fine-tune our connection with God. Unanswered prayers may not be what we envision, but we are comforted knowing our timeline may not align precisely.

We may not always be in control.

What a game-changer! We can all be grateful knowing we don’t have to be perfect; in fact, it’s impossible. That alone can ease our souls without pondering the “what if” moments. When we gain a new perspective, it can release some heavy chains.

There can be calmness amid chaos. The trauma may linger beyond our fingers. However, we can choose to be grateful at every moment. With time, our broken hearts can mend. With perseverance, the light can show up in unexpected ways. No matter what, we can still have ultimate trust.

That is the one thing that kept me going.

How to enhance gratefulness:

  • Journaling can ease the soul in more ways than one that may include: affirmations, stories, or anything that comes to mind. It’s a huge stress reliever and can create a force field of positivity and an easy way to form consistency.

  • Appreciate ALL the blessings. Think of how far we've come! Through the hard times and the good, the simple things in life, and the milestones guiding us to healing and thankfulness.

  • Be grateful for our weaknesses, for they can provide insight and drive us towards our strengths, whether it’s a profession, our calling, or anything in-between.

  • Get out in nature! Meditate! Breathe in all the fresh air and scenery.

  • Let positivity win! Soak up all the uplifting content and stay clear from soul-crushing influences. It can make or break the day ahead.


Kimberly Ann


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