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Beauty in the Breakthrough

Pivotal times are hard but are so needed to see all the beauty in front of us.

After the stress and tension, we can happily flow with ease.

We can gain new calming patterns.

The freedom in our heads, after the anxious frustrations.

We can choose a new inner voice.

The new joyful changes, after the mundane rut.

We can do all the soul-giving things.

The exciting new chapters waiting to unfold are up to us.

We can change our direction.

While we can‘t enjoy roses without a few thorns, they are just as beautiful.

Although we may not see immediate changes come our way, they will come with time. The last few months have been quite the season of growth inside and out, and I feel entirely in-tune with where I'm heading. Feeling aligned with God’s purpose is indeed a calming sensation. A feeling I've needed and craving. Although times have been uncertain and chaotic, every single step is a step in a great direction.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Soak in every emotion, every single day.

We will all be okay.

We shouldn’t rob ourselves of the human experience. Nor should we hold in our tears.

Feel all the feelings; I give everyone full permission to let it out from the full-blown tears to the crazed and amazed.

Never underestimate your power.

Breakthroughs don't always have to be this huge, life-altering experience. They can be nice and tiny. They can be magnificent and intricate. Either way, they each have their impact and purpose.

Listen to the sprinkles of hope.


Kimberly Ann


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